Changing course to bring back COMFORT to each stakeholder by

  • Destress and stabilize the company and strengthen the awareness on budget control
  • Re-energize the work environment
  • Align and optimize costs in accordance to the ongoing change
  • Provide hands-on support in the day-to-day execution

Based on an extensive experience in top-tier management, specialised in :

  • Strategy, market orientation and sales
  • Finance and budgeting
  • Purchase, supply chain and resource planning
  • Risk and compliance

Ability to act quickly and driven by partnership and entrepreneurship, for the maximization of shareholder value.

Own funds and a network of private and institutional investors, to provide tailored funding for each business case.

Case by case the best financial engineered solution is developed for the company.

During phase of DISTRESS
Manage defects on margin Cash Flow and working capital management

During phase of STABILITY
Injection of bridging capital
Gain creditor’s trust

During phase of BREAK THROUGH
New money to strenghten balance structure

  • Taking on COO & CEO positions where needed during turnaround;
  • Implement necessary sourced knowhow and management capacity;
  • Once stabilized and organized, company is redirected towards growth.

MBI is possible to strenghten shareholdership and management, with continued guidance by CIM Capital
Buy and build strategies will be looked into